Erdinger Weissbier

Erdinger Weissbier

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50cl, 5.3% ABV, 13 IBU, Hefeweizen

"The Premium Weissbier at the top of its class. Not only in the context of the Erdinger assortment Erdinger Weissbier with fine yeast applies undisputed as the classical authors, as the white beer absolutely. It is brewed with fine yeast after a delivered prescription and naturally strictly after the Bavarian purity requirement. Today still without the traditional bottle fermentation one does not do here: Three to four weeks it lasts, until the Erdinger Weissbier with fine yeast matured. For the production only finest raw materials are used. Experience of many years and constant quality controls guarantee beyond that the unmistakable taste. A Weissbier for all, those the unforgettable good taste love." by Erdinger


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