Atlantica Red

Atlantica Red

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33 cl, 6.8% ABV, Belgian Dubbel

"Our RED arrives directly from the port of Murmansk, headquarters of the Russian Northern Fleet -the Северный флот-, a combat group constituted in 1933 whose mission is the defense of the territory of the Arctic Circle. During the time of the Soviet Union, the fleet had two hundred nuclear submarines between missile launchers and attack.
Amber reddish tones with creamy beige foam of great duration.
Very pleasant on the nose, malty with abundant notes of caramel and fruit.
Of good body, the use of coriander and orange peel of Curaçao in the recipe is appreciated in the
mouth. There are also notes of toasted caramel, raisins, jam and spices. The aftertaste is floral, with a medium-lasting, dry and bittersweet finish. Ripe fruit and herbal touches. " by Atlantica


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